Today was one of those days. You know....those days. My house is a disaster, I've still got baby weight to lose, I want my iPhone upgrade now not October, my kid won't stop screaming, I'm stressed and absolutely exhausted kind of days days. I'm allowed to have some of those days right? I've also had one of those I'm so grateful this house is mine, I've got my baby snuggling next to me, I have a full stomach to go to sleep with, and I have a wonderful life kind of nights. But sometimes it's good to know that people are human. That they can have petty things get in the way of seeing what's truly important in life, and you know what? that's ok. Everyone is allowed one of those days. It's just refreshing sometimes to see that people are human. So here's me saying I'm human. I'm stressed about things I shouldn't be, and tomorrow is another day.

^^ I couldn't even get my kid to stop screaming for a decent picture.^^

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