** I did a guest post over on Miki's blog the other day! I forgot to link it up when she posted it on Tuesday, but her blog is awesome! You should go check it out you won't regret it. It's here. Because I forgot to post it, I figured I would put the post here for you guys to enjoy too!**

Hey guys! Miki asked me to guest post while she was partying it up in Powell! While i'm insanely jealous that she's having so much fun while i'm stuck in a classroom this is a BIG day for me. I have never guest posted before. That's right you heard me...NEVER. Hopefully I do ok, and hey if you like what you read you can come over to my little blog (and by little I mean just started it) and follow along at heresyouandme.blogspot.com. Here we go.

1. What is your favorite photo of yourself and why?

This kind of doesn't count as just a picture of myself, but I love this picture of me and my honey. This was our first vacation together as a couple and we had so much fun this trip. This was when I knew I was in love with this kid. He proposed to me a month after this trip, and I love looking at this picture and seeing how happy we were together (not to mention my honey is a hottie). 

2. Have you ever had a celeb spotting?

Ok you know the oldest brother from 7th heaven? I think his name was Matt? Anyway I spotted him once at the SLC airport and we stopped and asked if we could take his picture. I forgot to mention that the show had probably been canceled for like 5 years? He was super nice, but super surprised that we recognized him. I also saw Bill Cosby once at the same airport (I spend too much time at the airport I guess) but we were too scared to ask him to take a picture or get his autograph...You know start struck I guess. My dream would be to "accidentally" run into one of the Hemsworth brothers and by accident I mean I would probably stalk them.

3. What is something that you do SO WELL that you'd be able to teach it confidentially?

I'm actually really really good at crocheting. Call me grandma if you will, but I could whip you up a matching hat and scarf combo in a few hours. I find it strangely relaxing. Just turn on a chick flick, pick up my crochet hook and yarn and go to work.

4. What is your guilty pleasure?

Kardashians, pretty little liars, One tree hill....wait that's 3...

5. Have you ever had an argument that you knew you were wrong but kept arguing?

Every argument i've ever had with my husband ever? Am I right ladies? Oh wait no...we are never wrong so actually we've been right in every argument even if we knew we were wrong. Did I lose you yet? I'm actually pretty good at admitting when I am wrong. But I feel really stupid afterwards believe me. 

6. What's your most embarrassing or shameful story? 

Seriously guys I tried out for cheerleading my sophomore year of high school. I didn't want to, but my best friend really wanted to and she wouldn't do it unless I did it with her. I got the shorts, the hair bow, the practice video, and we practiced for like a week. Guys, I am NOT a dancer...let me say that again. I am REALLY NOT a dancer or any sort. Like absolutely no rhythm, no moves, nothing. We get to the day of the try outs and we find out IT'S OPEN TRY OUTS! Meaning everyone and their dog (and their moms) can watch us try out. The music starts and I am like 2 counts behind everyone else. I'm frantically trying to keep up the pace but in my head I know I look like a total idiot. Then comes the tumbling part. I could do a back handspring with a spotter. These girls are whipping out triple fulls (my friend included) and then I step up to the mat. I'm so nervous that I throw my handspring and land on my head... with a spotter. Seriously. Needless to say I never danced choreography in public, nor did I ever try out for cheerleading again. 

7. What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?

Seeing as how I graduate nursing school in 7 months, I would hope that I will be working as an RN. I don't know where or what department yet, but I will be a nurse. It's what I've always wanted to do, and i'm so close I can taste it. I also hope to be a mama. I know this sounds dumb, and I never wanted to be one of those girls...but I want babies and I want them yesterday. The baby hunger just keeps getting worse the closer and closer I get to graduating. Hopefully my sweet husband will be finished with school as well, and we can get past this "school" phase that we at in life right now.

8. What is one thing about you that is shocking or unexpected?

I'm not a real blonde...No just kidding...but really. Through the ages of 16-19 I was the WORST driver. Like I had a ticket from every city from Draper to Salt lake (plus one in Nephi from my drive down to vegas). You think i'm exaggerating? After  I was married I paid almost $1000 in speeding tickets to about 4 different cities. In those 3 years from 16-19 I had 3 accidents on my record, and my license was suspended for 6 months..and I still drove on it...and got caught. I'm lucky my car didn't get impounded. After we were married we had to go down to one car between the two of us for almost a year because our insurance payments were through the roof. Like $400 a month, for one car, and only liability through the roof. But In the last 5 years I haven't had one ticket, not even a parking ticket. I learned my lesson.

Thanks for letting me guest post Miki! I hope you all enjoyed my very first guest post, and I hope Miki and her honey are living it up down in Powell!

Does anyone just come home and think "I absolutely hate my job?" Am I the only one? Seriously I LOVE what I do. I hate the politics, the drama, the backbiting, and just feeling like you are walking on egg shells all the time. 7 months and I can move on to bigger and better things, but for now i'm mentally exhausted. Oh well. Rant over. Sorry I've been MIA, new semester is kicking my butt. Don't laugh, but this is the first time i've ever had 3 classes at a time. Between all the work drama and school craziness I basically come home, brush my teeth, and immediately fall asleep. I promise things will liven up around here. I have a ton of pictures that I need to upload and stories to go along with them. Don't give up on me! For now please enjoy this picture that seems to get me every time. I can't promise that you won't pee your pants.