Today was one of those days. You know....those days. My house is a disaster, I've still got baby weight to lose, I want my iPhone upgrade now not October, my kid won't stop screaming, I'm stressed and absolutely exhausted kind of days days. I'm allowed to have some of those days right? I've also had one of those I'm so grateful this house is mine, I've got my baby snuggling next to me, I have a full stomach to go to sleep with, and I have a wonderful life kind of nights. But sometimes it's good to know that people are human. That they can have petty things get in the way of seeing what's truly important in life, and you know what? that's ok. Everyone is allowed one of those days. It's just refreshing sometimes to see that people are human. So here's me saying I'm human. I'm stressed about things I shouldn't be, and tomorrow is another day.

^^ I couldn't even get my kid to stop screaming for a decent picture.^^

Making: Lots of plans for our upcoming vacations. Can't believe we leave for South Carolina in a week and Hawaii in 3!
Cooking: Meals for daayyyssss. I finally decided that I needed to go grocery shopping and cook some dinner. Hopefully I keep up on my plans before all my produce spoils. That's usually the case around here. 
Drinking: Water, water, water, and more water. Breastfeeding makes you SO thirsty.
Reading: A couple different books. Current favorite is Eleanor and Park. 
Wanting: For the phone call to pick up my wedding ring from the jewelers. Big exciting upgrades are in store :)
Looking: At my sweet little one playing and babbling on her mat next to me. 
Playing: Silly faces and baby talk. This stage is the absolute best. 
Wasting: Time before I have to get ready for work tonight. Why is going to work always so hard, even if you love your job?
Sewing: Little tiny leggings. My long skinny baby needs all her pants taken in these days. 
Wishing: That we had a money tree. This working opposite shifts of my husband thing is getting reallllyyyy old. 
Enjoying: The cookies and cream ice cream in my freezer right now. 
Waiting: for Jordan to get home
Liking: That my baby successfully sleeps through the night. 9+ uninterrupted hours of sleep again feels HEAVENLY. 

Wondering: How busy work will be tonight and if Nova will let me sleep tomorrow after my shift. 
Loving: That I have the next two weekends off to spend with my loves. 
Hoping: My phone battery makes it through the night at work. I need an upgrade in the worst way. iPhone 6 here I come. 
Marveling: at how in the world my baby got so big. She's so close to rolling over it's ridiculous. 
Needing: Sophie the giraffe with us everywhere we go. 
Smelling: a poopy bum and the baby lotion we put on earlier today. 
Wearing: Sweats and soon scrubs. Then in the morning back to sweats, then back to scrubs.
Following: twitter and instagram. I'm addicted. I'll say it. 
Noticing: that the air is more crisp these days. So excited for fall.
Knowing: That I'm finally feeling more confident at work. Did I mention I have the best job?
Thinking: about how much I have to do before we leave on our trips. Also, how does laundry pile up so fast?
Feeling: tired
Bookmarking: soup recipies
Opening: a packet of chai tea. Cold weather calls for warm chai.
Giggling: with my beautiful girl.
Feeling: happy.

I knew I wanted some maternity photos taken before Nova got here. I'm a little bit late in posting these (like 5 months late) but now that I'm back on the blogging train, why not post them? Everyone likes just looking at the pictures on blogs, and I'm already feeling a little nostalgic about having baby girl on the inside. Although I love her on the outside. Seriously how is it that you forget how sucky it was to be pregnant so fast? Thanks to Emmy Lowe Photo for these shots. I will cherish these forever. *disclaimer* I took bare belly shots. if those creep you out, move on.

Where the heck has the time gone? How did I go from writing my birth story to having a 4 month old in the blink of an eye? Can I just say one thing? I am OBSESSED with my baby. It's unhealthy how much I think/worry/hold/kiss her. Like so obsessed I'm ready to do the whole pregancy thing again just so I can keep this whole having a baby to obsess over going on and on forever. Ideally I would just keep popping one out so I never have to not have a baby in my arms. HATED being pregnant, LOVE having a baby. The struggle is real guys. But really home girl is just about the best thing ever. Pretty much better than ice cream (although I gave her a taste of mine the other day and I swear to you she said "mmmm" finally someone who understands what it's like to need ice cream to survive..Jordan obviously missed that memo.)

Life has been so good to us lately. I graduated nursing school on May 8th, had a baby May 22nd, took and passed!! my boards for nursing school sometime in early June (that month is kind of a blur to me), took my 6 week old to lake Powell the beginning of July, accepted a job the end of July at Jordan valley as a nursery/NICU nurse and left my job of 6 years at IMC, started said job the beginning of August, and now here we are mid-September and I'm sitting at my new job at 3:30am with my new co-workers and still in shock that I got here so fast. Isn't it funny how life works?

So now a little update on life (and by life I mean the 12lb creature that is our life now). Like I said we are obsessed with our Nova girl. We got a winner with this one. Champion breastfeeder, sleeps through the night, such a cuddle bug, and has these big blue eyes that I swear can get you to do anything and everything her little baby brain can think up for you to do. But because everyone knows life isn't as perfect as it sounds...she fights the nursing cover now, so breastfeeding in public is a joke. I'm basically turning into one of those moms who whips the boob out with no shame just so I can stop the insane hunger shrieks. Those draw more attention than my nipple most days.
Sleeping through the night happens only if we co-sleep. I'm going to have a 16 year old in our bed, but if it means we get 9 hours uninterrupted sleep I'll do it. We are getting better about sleeping in the crib, but it's a work in progress.
Cuddle bug babies seem like the best thing ever, but cuddle bug babies also don't let you put them down to get anything done. I swear the Moby wrap is my bff these days. If I didn't have Moby, I wouldn't even get my hair brushed most days. Don't get me wrong, I love her to death. Adjusting to motherhood doesn't happen overnight. It's a work in progress for everyone involved. We are learning as we go, and through trial and error I WILL figure this out someday...hopefully. For now I'll just enjoy the cuddles, giggles, high pitched screams, toe grabs, diaper blow outs, middle of the night fussiness, and knowing that this tiny human loves me despite me not having a clue what I'm doing.

And now what you have all been waiting!

Dropping aunt C off at college

Cute little girl on her blessing day

Enjoying our novelty boob hat gift.