How Far Along:   19 weeks and 4 days

Size of baby:  10 oz and 6.5 inches

Total weight gained/lost:  I'm still sitting at about a 2 lb gain. That is saying my parent's bathroom scale is accurate.

Maternity Clothes:  I bough some Maternity shirts for myself for Christmas this year. Can I just say maternity tank tops are AMAZING! My regular shirts still fit for the most part, but some of them just look kind of awkward. I'm in leggings most days, but jeans still fit if I wear my belly band so I can keep them unbuttoned :)

Gender:  Still a Girl! :)

Movement: She's gotten a lot stronger these days. Instead of little flutters there's big distinct kicks and movements. I've been sick and just developed a cough, and yesterday I felt her get startled for the first time after I coughed. 

Sleep: Still sleep just ok. Still get up to pee all night, and now sleeping on my stomach is getting harder as my stomach is getting harder. Let's just say I'm pretty uncomfortable come night time. 

Symptoms:  My back pain is subsiding….Thank You!!! Still peeing, still hungry. That's still just about it. 

What I miss:  Sleep... 

Cravings: I'm not really craving much lately. I'll eat pretty much anything these days. 

Best Moment this week:  Spending Christmas with our families. I have the post-christmas blues today. 

What I am looking forward to: Our trip to Mexico in a week! I'm seriously dreaming of the beach and warmer weather. 

^^ Merry Christmas from us! The last Christmas as a family of 2! ^^

How Far Along:   17 weeks and one day

Size of baby:  5 oz (The size of an turnip? We are getting into the weird fruits/vegetables)

Total weight gained/lost:  Not sure now. I haven't weighed myself since my last dr's appointment, but it feels like a lot more weight that I'm carrying around these days.

Maternity Clothes:  Not yet! My pants still button up, and regular shirts still fit. Phew.

Gender:  Girl! :)

Movement: I'm feeling her every day! I first felt her on thanksgiving and now I get little jabs and punches all day long especially if I'm hungry. I love knowing she's in there moving around like a champ. 

Sleep: I wake up a least 3 times to pee still. Baby girl sits right on top of my bladder. She is also nestled in deep in my back so i'm having some insane back pain already. Nighttime is the worst because my body is so tired and achy already. Needless to say sleep is still hard. Bob (the body pillow) is a big helper though, he makes sure I don't roll over onto my stomach. Apparently stomach sleeping is a really hard habit for me to break. Luckily baby girl is tucked way back so she doesn't get too smashed when I end up on my stomach in the night.  

Symptoms:  Back pain, peeing all the time, itchy and dry skin, and I want to eat everything in sight! That's about it! I'm counting my blessings. 

What I miss:  Is it weird that I miss tuna fish? I want a good tuna fish sandwich. 

Cravings: Still Mountain Dew. That's about it. I got some caffeine free Mt Dew so I can drink all that I want. 

Best Moment this week:  Hearing my little ones strong heartbeat and hearing her move around at work yesterday. I could listen to it all day. 

What I am looking forward to: Finishing finals this week and finally getting into the full swing of Christmas! It's crazy to think that this time next year I will be an RN and have a sweet little baby with us to celebrate. I can't wait. 

I'm seriously shocked to say the least! I thought this little bean was a boy from the very beginning. Jordan had no thoughts or desires on either sex so he was surprised either way. I'm still not totally convinced yet. We call her a she and even sometimes by her name, but I almost need extra assurance that it's a girl. There may be a retraction post in a few weeks telling you that it's a boy instead ;)

The day started out with me and my sister in law Amber heading over to fetal fotos. Because of insurance reasons I had to push my 'Big" ultrasound from mid-december until the beginning of January and I wasn't about to wait that long to see what gender our little one was. We watched her wiggle around and be stubborn for about 20 minutes before the ultrasound tech told me to close my eyes. I heard her tell Amber "I am 100% sure about this" and she typed something into the computer. Afterwards she let me watch her wiggle around some more. It's amazing what our bodies can do and create. Sweet little thing.

Next item of business was dropping Amber off at the part supply store to get the stuff ready without me being there. I wanted her to get black balloons and fill them with either blue or pink confetti. Later we would hang the up and pop the balloons on top of us.

It was the longest wait of my life. I got back from the ultrasound around 3, and the party wasn't going on until 6. Finally Jordan got home from work and we were able to rush over there and finally find out what our sweet little one was going to be.

Popping the balloons and seeing the pink confetti everywhere was the best feeling. All of our family and friends were around and everyone was so excited and happy to welcome this sweet little girl into the family. I'm so happy I waited and was surprised with everyone else. Also, I'm so happy that I can finally start buying and planning and prepping for her to get here. Since nursing school I've become this insane little planner. I feel like I now have to have everything ready and in place before she gets here (and by before she gets here I mean like I need it ready by next week), and not knowing the gender was really putting a damper on my plans. Although we've known for a week now and I still can't get myself to buy anything except diapers. Go figure.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving this past weekend. I know we sure did! Little girl decided it was time to give her mom a few swift kicks on thanksgiving day. Either it was the food or the 3 cups of juice I had right before I felt her, but either way I'm so grateful to finally feel something! I feel her all the time now dancing and kicking away. It's such a cool feeling! I'm sure in a few weeks when these soft little flutters turn into swift kicks in the ribs I will take all of this back. But for now i'm enjoying knowing she's in there and her letting her mama know that everything is ok.

I'll post some belly shots, but just a warning there's not much there. Little girl is growing low. I think she likes where she's at (Which is bouncing on my bladder. Whoever said that the peeing every 5 minutes eases up in the 2nd trimester has obviously not met my child.) I'm still sitting in that stage where I either look super fat in all my clothes or people ask "I thought you were pregnant, are you not pregnant?" (true story). Please enjoy :) (The belly pics are off my camera. Jordan is still getting the hang of being photographer, and I don't have time to edit them. The ultrasound and party pics are off my iPhone. Sorry for the low quality on both)

^^ 14 weeks ^^

^^ 15 weeks ^^

^^ 16 weeks ^^ (this was as of last night)

^^ Pure happiness ^^

^^ Before the big reveal ^^

^^ It's a GIRL ^^

^^ The little stinker sat like this for 20 minutes. Her head at the bottom and legs up over her head. She wasn't giving up the goods that easily ^^

^^ Sweet little profile ^^

^^ Finishing up the balloons. If you look to the right, you'll see my dad hiding himself with Deker. Right after this, the balloon popping made Deker scream with terror. ^^

^^ Nothing between those little legs! ^^

How Far Along:   15 weeks and one day

Size of baby:  4 inches long and 2/12 ounces (The size of an apple!)

Total weight gained/lost:  2 lbs gained

Maternity Clothes:  Not yet! My pants actually still button up.

Gender:  We find out tomorrow!

Movement: Haven't felt anything yet, but i'm sure it's moving in there I just don't pay enough attention to know what i'm feeling yet. 

Sleep: It's getting harder. I have a body pillow which helps. (we've named it Bob the body pillow) But i'm still getting up once or twice to pee in the night. 

Symptoms:  The nausea is finally easing up! Thank you! I really don't feel "pregnant" anymore now that i'm not sick and my pants still fit. I'm sure that will change in a couple weeks, but i'm enjoying the symptom free pregnancy right now.

What I miss:  Sleeping without getting up to pee. Also sleeping on my stomach. It's really hard to sleep on my side when i've been such an avid stomach sleeper for most of my life. 

Cravings: Ice cold Mountain Dew and hamburgers. 

Best Moment this week:  Finding out the gender tomorrow! I hope i'll be able to sleep tonight I'm so excited!

What I am looking forward to:  Being able to feel this little baby move! Looking more pregnant instead of just chubby will be nice too. :)

Boy or Girl? What do you think? I personally am leaning towards boy but I will be sure to let you all know tomorrow!

Sorry everyone I've been MIA from this little blog lately. It's just we have had a big secret and I've been too scared that I would spill the beans somehow.....drumroll.... We are having a baby!!! I'm due in May (2 weeks after graduation...eeek!) and it's a total surprise to both of us considering we weren't trying for a baby quite yet, but we are both ecstatic! I still can't believe there's a little human moving and grooving inside my belly. The baby hasn't let me forget it's in there though, with the constant nausea and feeling like I need 3 naps a day (although I can't sleep because I'm peeing every second). I'm very grateful though, because the sickness could be a lot worse. I'm 11 1/2 weeks today, and our little he or she is the size of a plumb. It's amazing how fast they grow in just a few weeks. Anyhow, now that the secret is out I will blog more (but mostly about baby...sorry). Can't wait to see what this little person turns out to be. I'm already craving holding that sweet newborn day and night. 

^^ The picture we showed to our families to tell them the news ^^

^^ First ultrasound of my little blob. Also, proof that there's actually something in there ^^

^^ How we told everyone else ^^

^^ Not much there yet. Stay tuned (don't mind my pjs and messy hair.It was bed time for this mama) ^^

** I did a guest post over on Miki's blog the other day! I forgot to link it up when she posted it on Tuesday, but her blog is awesome! You should go check it out you won't regret it. It's here. Because I forgot to post it, I figured I would put the post here for you guys to enjoy too!**

Hey guys! Miki asked me to guest post while she was partying it up in Powell! While i'm insanely jealous that she's having so much fun while i'm stuck in a classroom this is a BIG day for me. I have never guest posted before. That's right you heard me...NEVER. Hopefully I do ok, and hey if you like what you read you can come over to my little blog (and by little I mean just started it) and follow along at Here we go.

1. What is your favorite photo of yourself and why?

This kind of doesn't count as just a picture of myself, but I love this picture of me and my honey. This was our first vacation together as a couple and we had so much fun this trip. This was when I knew I was in love with this kid. He proposed to me a month after this trip, and I love looking at this picture and seeing how happy we were together (not to mention my honey is a hottie). 

2. Have you ever had a celeb spotting?

Ok you know the oldest brother from 7th heaven? I think his name was Matt? Anyway I spotted him once at the SLC airport and we stopped and asked if we could take his picture. I forgot to mention that the show had probably been canceled for like 5 years? He was super nice, but super surprised that we recognized him. I also saw Bill Cosby once at the same airport (I spend too much time at the airport I guess) but we were too scared to ask him to take a picture or get his autograph...You know start struck I guess. My dream would be to "accidentally" run into one of the Hemsworth brothers and by accident I mean I would probably stalk them.

3. What is something that you do SO WELL that you'd be able to teach it confidentially?

I'm actually really really good at crocheting. Call me grandma if you will, but I could whip you up a matching hat and scarf combo in a few hours. I find it strangely relaxing. Just turn on a chick flick, pick up my crochet hook and yarn and go to work.

4. What is your guilty pleasure?

Kardashians, pretty little liars, One tree hill....wait that's 3...

5. Have you ever had an argument that you knew you were wrong but kept arguing?

Every argument i've ever had with my husband ever? Am I right ladies? Oh wait no...we are never wrong so actually we've been right in every argument even if we knew we were wrong. Did I lose you yet? I'm actually pretty good at admitting when I am wrong. But I feel really stupid afterwards believe me. 

6. What's your most embarrassing or shameful story? 

Seriously guys I tried out for cheerleading my sophomore year of high school. I didn't want to, but my best friend really wanted to and she wouldn't do it unless I did it with her. I got the shorts, the hair bow, the practice video, and we practiced for like a week. Guys, I am NOT a dancer...let me say that again. I am REALLY NOT a dancer or any sort. Like absolutely no rhythm, no moves, nothing. We get to the day of the try outs and we find out IT'S OPEN TRY OUTS! Meaning everyone and their dog (and their moms) can watch us try out. The music starts and I am like 2 counts behind everyone else. I'm frantically trying to keep up the pace but in my head I know I look like a total idiot. Then comes the tumbling part. I could do a back handspring with a spotter. These girls are whipping out triple fulls (my friend included) and then I step up to the mat. I'm so nervous that I throw my handspring and land on my head... with a spotter. Seriously. Needless to say I never danced choreography in public, nor did I ever try out for cheerleading again. 

7. What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?

Seeing as how I graduate nursing school in 7 months, I would hope that I will be working as an RN. I don't know where or what department yet, but I will be a nurse. It's what I've always wanted to do, and i'm so close I can taste it. I also hope to be a mama. I know this sounds dumb, and I never wanted to be one of those girls...but I want babies and I want them yesterday. The baby hunger just keeps getting worse the closer and closer I get to graduating. Hopefully my sweet husband will be finished with school as well, and we can get past this "school" phase that we at in life right now.

8. What is one thing about you that is shocking or unexpected?

I'm not a real blonde...No just kidding...but really. Through the ages of 16-19 I was the WORST driver. Like I had a ticket from every city from Draper to Salt lake (plus one in Nephi from my drive down to vegas). You think i'm exaggerating? After  I was married I paid almost $1000 in speeding tickets to about 4 different cities. In those 3 years from 16-19 I had 3 accidents on my record, and my license was suspended for 6 months..and I still drove on it...and got caught. I'm lucky my car didn't get impounded. After we were married we had to go down to one car between the two of us for almost a year because our insurance payments were through the roof. Like $400 a month, for one car, and only liability through the roof. But In the last 5 years I haven't had one ticket, not even a parking ticket. I learned my lesson.

Thanks for letting me guest post Miki! I hope you all enjoyed my very first guest post, and I hope Miki and her honey are living it up down in Powell!

Does anyone just come home and think "I absolutely hate my job?" Am I the only one? Seriously I LOVE what I do. I hate the politics, the drama, the backbiting, and just feeling like you are walking on egg shells all the time. 7 months and I can move on to bigger and better things, but for now i'm mentally exhausted. Oh well. Rant over. Sorry I've been MIA, new semester is kicking my butt. Don't laugh, but this is the first time i've ever had 3 classes at a time. Between all the work drama and school craziness I basically come home, brush my teeth, and immediately fall asleep. I promise things will liven up around here. I have a ton of pictures that I need to upload and stories to go along with them. Don't give up on me! For now please enjoy this picture that seems to get me every time. I can't promise that you won't pee your pants.

Well it's official. I started my second to last semester of nursing school today. I'm in denial still. I had 2 weeks off after my summer semester, and I enjoyed every second I had. I read books, washed my hair, caught up on my trash TV, it's been amazing.
    I also caved and FINALLY bought a new car. It's a Honda element or "elephant" as we call it. Seriously best decision I have made so far. All the stress of buying/selling was worth it. I also decided that right after I posted my car to sell, that it would be fun to back into my neighbors car. I did next to nothing to her car, and my poor mazda got the bad end of the deal. The kicker? My car to fix=$90 Her car to fix=$450. Tell me that's not screwed up. Either way I guess I need to be more careful. The parking at our house is insane. Everyone is practically hanging over my driveway, so it was bound to happen at some point.
  Jordan is back in school and i'm back to missing him every day. It's not fair that he has class until 9:30pm and 3 days out of the week I hardly get to see him. Seriously this school phase of our lives is getting pretty old. I'm ready to be adults with careers now. Please and thank you.
   That's all for my rant tonight. I feel bad for neglecting this little blog. I started out really strong, but I refuse to let this fizzle out like so many other things I start.

Oh and p.s. Miley Cyrus? Sick. I believed in her, and hoped she wouldn't pull this kind of crap. I now have no faith in disney channel stars (except Hillary Duff...she rocks.)

^^ The "elephant" ^^

^^ The number I did on my car...this was after it was fixed ^^

^^ Who wants to let me poke? ^^

^^Since I never see my husband, I guess I can let a new man into my life ^^

Well it's been a crazy couple of weeks around these parts! I almost feel like I lost my "blogging groove."These finals were pretty stressful this summer semester, but I only have 2 more to go! I can't believe it's so close. So here's something short for today.

Things i'm loving

1. I convinced Jordan to let me have a new car. Don't ask me how, but I did. I'm stoked. As long as we can figure out how to have 3 cars until mine sells.

2. We are going out of town this weekend to Jordan's cabin. I can't wait. I need a vacation after this stressful semester, even if it's just for the weekend.

3. My half marathon is coming up on the 31st. I'm excited to say i've done it, but scared because I don't know what to expect.

4. Planning our trip to Japan in next summer for graduation. It's still in the early phases, but I'm already having dreams of going to Japan.

5. Breaking bad is back for the final season. The first episode last night had me hooked.

Things i'm hating

1. That I have to go back to school in like 2 weeks. I haven't had a real break from school since christmas break last year. I'm ready.

2. Work. Ugh it's getting almost unbearable to go back to that place. Luckily I'm down to 1 day a week in like a month.

3. Cleaning my house. For only 2 people, a dog, and sometimes a cat living here it gets insanely messy. I feel like I'm constantly cleaning up.

4. Allergies. Enough said.

5. Car shopping and car selling. As much as I want to have a new car, selling my car and shopping for a new one is just about killing me. Will someone please buy my car so I can enjoy my new one? thanks.

^^ And a cute picture of Deker from the soccer party a few weeks ago. That boy can melt anyone's heart ^^

The other morning I had just come home after a grueling 12 hour night shift. All I wanted was to get all my clothes off and crawl into my nice warm bed. I walked through the door expecting to be greeted by my sweet little puppy. He came bounding down the stairs all full of excitement, but when he jumped up to greet me he was acting like he was drunk. I thought he was just tired because it was early so I called him up to jump on me again. He was still acting funny, so I took a good look at him. The poor guy's whole face was swollen up! I ran upstairs to Jordan and asked him if Rex had been into anything to eat, or if he had fed him anything weird. Jordan was just as disoriented as Rex was, and was basically good for nothing. I grabbed my car keys and headed back out to the grocery store in search of liquid Benadryl before my poor puppy's throat closed off. One store no luck, two stores still no luck, it took store number 3 to just find some children's benadryl in liquid form. I figured it was better than nothing and headed back home. It took both of us to hold down the stupid dog and shove the medicine in his mouth (this being said about the dog who thought it would be tasty to eat a battery...Why he was refusing the medicine i'll never know) Finally 2 hours later and after 4 tiny syringe fulls of nasty cherry syrup we had a passed out dog and 2 passed out owners. We still don't know if he was stung, if he eat something, or if he just has weird allergies but he sure looked pretty dang funny. Being the wonderful pet owner that I am, I snapped a few pictures before I put him out of his misery. :)

I hope everyone had a safe and fun 24th of July. Pioneer day isn't really pioneer day around our house. It's my dad's birthday, so we end up doing more birthday themed things around these parts. We started out the day by taking my dad on a mountain bike ride. For the record I am NOT a biker, but I figured I would give it another shot because it was my dad's birthday. It actually ended up being a really good, fun, easy ride. I only fell once, and got some pretty good road rash all along the left side of my body. Next up on the agenda was a great breakfast at Kneaders with the family. After breakfast we ended up taking Deker with us back to the dog park for some puppy fun. To say he loved it would be an understatement. 
Next stop was to go see the movie "The Way Way back." I recommend everyone drop everything right now and go see it. So GOOD.
 Later that night, we had a huge combined soccer party for my dad and neighbor Trace. We ended up mostly on the floor with Deker rolling balls around while all the big kids played a gnarly game of soccer.
 I went home that night so dead tired. It was seriously so nice to just have a day off to spend it with my dad and husband. Happy birthday to the best dad anyone could have ever asked for. He's the rock to our family, and we are so lucky to call him dad! Thanks for the great day :) 

p.s. Unfortunately due to the huge risk of falling off my bike, I didn't have my phone or camera with me for any of the morning activities so you get to enjoy a bunch of pictures of Deker...which isn't so bad right?

This weekend was SO HOT. We didn't do much so this post won't be a novel, but we did head out to take Rex to the dog park. Dog park in 100 degree weather = Nobody at the dog park. We still had fun even though it felt like death.


^^ Park all to ourselves ^^

^^ Feeling like death ^^

^^ Happy boy..look at the tongue ^^

^^ Rex feeling like death ^^

^^ Worn out puppy ^^

^^ See Jordan was there :) ^^