Today I'm sitting in bed wondering how the heck I'm going to pass this test I have in exactly 3 hours. Hence, the reason I decided blogging would be better than last minute cramming. Will this semester ever be over? I'm ready to be a nurse now. I have a serious case of senioritis.

Today I'm dreading having to work another night shift. Since getting pregnant it's almost impossible for me to stay up all night anymore. The only shifts left this schedule sign up at work were nights. Yuck.

Today I'm sad I won't see me husband for over a week. He's going out of town on a boys trip this weekend with his brothers and dad (a trip that originally included me before it turned into a boys trip I might add) but work is so busy this week he has to stay late Monday and Wednesday to work. That coupled with his late classes on Tuesday and Thursday= no husband for the whole week or the whole weekend. I'm such a baby. Who's going to sleep in the bed with me and save me from all the imaginary robbers that are going to come kidnap me this weekend? I swear they know when husbands go out of town and they are waiting to strike.

Today I want to know what drama goes down on hometown dates. How is it that the Bachelor sucks me in every season? I had such a strong determination never to watch this stupid show until Brad's season (which wasn't even that long ago! Where did my willpower go??) Now I'm totally sucked into the drama that is Juan Pablo. Because of my night shift obligation I will have to indulge in this sick obsession tomorrow. I swear if anyone says anything on Facebook I'm gonna freak

Today I officially regret wishing I could feel those baby kicks sooner rather than later. 5am I was awoken by little feet in my ribs over and over and over and over. No matter what position I turned to she just kept jabbing me in the sweet spot. I swear this kid never sleeps. Since I was awake I (she) decided that I had to have a bowl of cereal right that second. So 5am wakeup call means 5:15am bowl of frosted mini wheats. Luckily after I fed her she went back to sleep.

Today I just wish I had some extra time to get to work on the nursery. I have all these grand ideas for her room and no husband and no time to accomplish them yet. Time is a wastin! Spring break is in two weeks and we plan to knock it out then. Or at least some of it. Who decided getting pregnant during the busiest semester either one of us has ever had was a good idea?

Today my stroller that I ordered last week comes. I keep checking the UPS site religiously. Not that it says anything other than "out for delivery." I wish I had a play by play of where the truck driver is exactly, what he had for breakfast, how often he stops for bathroom breaks, his mother's maiden name, and his average speed that he drives his truck. I feel like if I had all of this information I could calculate when exactly he will get here with my stroller I won't be able to use for 3 more months. Just hurry up so I can put it together and stare at it like I do with everything baby I buy.

Today I'm struggling with the ever constant battle of what to wear today. I refuse to buy maternity pants. Stubborn maybe, but I like to think of it as being budget friendly. Why should I spend $30 or more on a pair of pants I will wear for 3 months? All my leggings are getting worn out though, so basically I rock my pants that still fit over my hips and leave them unzipped. I usually just wear a shirt that's long enough to cover that gaping hole that is my crotch hanging out of my pants that are too small. It's a rough life.

Today I should probably take my dog on a walk. The poor guy has been inside basically since November. He gets this wonderful summer full of trips to the dog park, hikes, daily ball throwing, and the second it gets below 50 degrees he's stuck inside until the temperature returns. We are really good at walking him in the mornings, but he deserves a night walk too. I feel really guilty when he stares at me, and then outside, and then at the leash, and then back at me. It's not a pretty sight lately to see me waddling up the hill out of breath while my dog tugs on the leash because he's sick of me being so slow. It's a real chore I tell you.

Now I should probably end this post and get back to cramming my brain with information and my belly with more frosted mini wheats (because one bowl wasn't enough for this mini wheat craving babe).


^^ Because no blog post is complete without a picture. I hit my third trimester last know the trimester where the baby comes? Freak ^^

^^ And because I want you to feel bad for me I found the most ridiculous picture representing what I'm supposed to be studying for right now. Feel really bad please? ^^

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  1. You look so adorable, so even if your pants are unbuttoned you've got that going for you! :) Also my dogs are in the same boat. Yesterday we went on our first walk since it snowed.... which is seriously like 4 months. So there is that. Good luck studying that diagram that I know nothing about!